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Ensure an Impeccable Delivery with Expert Software QA & Testing

Quality is never a coincidence. Producing top-tier products takes time, calculated effort, and expertise that’s derived only from years of experience. Furthermore, when you’re dealing with software in an increasingly complex digital landscape, security needs to be a top priority to mitigate risk.

For large or complex projects, you need a team of professionals who can bring strategic thinking, objectivity, and a strong regard for security to the table. Discover how Bulletproof’s Solutions Delivery team can help you complete a successful project with more thorough, comprehensive QA and software testing—get the Bulletproof Capabilities Guide now.

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Comprehensive QA & Testing Services That Reduce Your Time-to-Market, Lower Costs, and Mitigate Risk

Prevent your project from ending in panic—make sure quality assurance and security is top-of-mind from the very beginning. We bring our proven methodology framework to every project and are behind you every step of the way, helping you strategically plan releases, perform general enhancement testing post-release, and more to ensure a quality product with minimal security vulnerabilities.

Through a combination of test automation, functional testing, and performance testing, Bulletproof helps you protect your investment by ensuring there’s no stone left unturned. What’s more, outsourcing QA & testing contributes to overall cost savings on your project—you can access our team of highly experienced specialists for precisely the amount of time you need without any of the overhead.

For organizations in highly-regulated industries—or those who are building software that contains sensitive data—working with Bulletproof provides peace of mind. Our 17+ years in IT security allows us to leverage our experience and incorporate a high regard for security into everything that we do. Bulletproof works with gaming industry leaders, globally-recognized Fortune 500 companies, and organizations in many other spaces to deliver superior services that help achieve maximum success and growth.

“Bulletproof’s Quality Assurance & Testing team has provided the Wyoming Lottery Corporation with in-depth lottery business guidance, project management expertise, new system and gaming acceptance testing and industry consultation as part of their role in the delivery of Gaming Laboratories International projects. It is without a doubt that the Wyoming Lottery start-up was successful due in part to the incredible knowledge, foresight and intellect that resides at Bulletproof.”

-Jon Clontz, Chief Executive Officer,
Wyoming Lottery

Optimize Your Resources With Automated Testing

Automation drives gains in efficiency on even the most intricate, large-scale, and unique projects. Our automated testing services use a proven, formalized testing process to perform the repetitive—but highly necessary—tests you need to ensure your software is refined and ready for market.

For projects running on limited resources, automated testing helps you optimize what you do have by performing the thorough yet time-consuming tasks that otherwise would preoccupy your team. For organizations who have a dedicated team delivering their project, automated testing allows you to reallocate your resources so they can work on the strategic initiatives that will help you get to market faster and with the utmost confidence.

Driving Agility and Scalability in a Digital Landscape

Technology keeps evolving and we refuse to simply watch from the sidelines. Bulletproof’s trailblazing team of consultants are on top of new developments and changes in today’s digital landscape, bringing their advanced knowledge to every project to ensure a superior final product.

While automation optimizes resources, it doesn’t completely replace human intelligence. Our performance and functional testing services are delivered by QA specialists who have experience in highly-regulated industries—such as lottery and gaming—and implement both IT and industry-specific best practices when evaluating your project. Engaging a team of experts helps to reduce risk and improve your current testing processes (if you have them), which in the long run, saves time, money, and headaches for everyone.

Independent QA Assessments Ensure Everything’s In Its Right Place

Objectivity is impossible when you’re working closely (or even at arm’s length) on a project, which is why organizations are driving progress with independent QA assessments.

If your organization has a dedicated QA & testing department, their foundational understanding of your software and processes makes it impossible to assess your policies and procedures objectively. For smaller organizations, the expert-level resources required to perform a strategic, thorough QA assessment are, no doubt, unavailable.

Bulletproof’s Solutions Delivery team brings an unbiased perspective to your QA practices. We assess your processes, identifying gaps and opportunities for optimization. Then, we deliver a formal report which outlines our findings and strategic recommendations, including an improvement roadmap that will help you take the right next steps.

Release High Performing, Secure Software with Bulletproof

If performance, user experience, and security are top priorities for your software release—contact Bulletproof today. We can help get you there.

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