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Maximize Your Microsoft & SharePoint Investment with Consulting, Migration, and Support Services

Microsoft’s ever-evolving suite of products helps organizations make major gains in productivity—even more so when users are empowered to use the products to their full advantage. To ensure organizations get the most out of their Microsoft investments, Bulletproof is:

  • A Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Atlantic Canada’s first Certified Office 365 Deployment Partner
  • A Certified Microsoft Training Partner
  • A Certified SharePoint Partner
  • A Certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider
  • The first data center provider to facilitate an entire Microsoft Azure migration in Canada

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Put Productivity, Security, and Collaboration at the Core of Your Business

Cloud-based solutions are growing, and with the most robust, purposeful tools available to power your business processes, Microsoft is at the forefront. While many businesses work within a Microsoft environment, they don’t have the deep knowledge and expertise it takes to leverage their software to its full potential. For businesses who have yet to make the shift to the cloud, the opportunity to accelerate efficiency is within arm’s reach.

Technology increases productivity, and productivity enhances profitability. With years of experience developing, configuring, migrating to, and managing Microsoft environments for clients, Bulletproof can help you take control of your technology to make it work for you. Our full-service Microsoft team has an impressive track record, with more than 20 million files and 100,000 (and counting) users migrated to Microsoft offerings such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, and more.

Engage Microsoft Experts to Make Your Technology Work Harder For You

We help teams transform the way they work. More data control and security, more flexibility to work with different devices, and a higher level of organization are just a few of the benefits organizations experience by migrating to the cloud.

As a Certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Bulletproof helps you take advantage of everything Microsoft has to offer with security top-of-mind. We protect over 70,000 users and their networks on six continents and ensure your solution is tailored, effective, well-managed, and as secure as it can be.

We recognize that it can be daunting to know exactly how to achieve maximum return from your Microsoft investments, which is why our expert team has assembled the following cost-effective, expedient packages for your convenience. Designed to provide you with the information you need to decide next steps and maximize your investments immediately, discover how these solutions can accelerate your productivity.

Migrate Seamlessly to Office 365

With over 100,000 (and counting) successful Office 365 migrations under our belt, we have the proven experience to facilitate successful, secure migrations, as well as work with existing users to help them extract more value from their solution.

Are you ready to update your IT infrastructure to increase your team’s productivity and security? Learn more about Bulletproof’s Office 365 Migration Services in our O365 Migration data sheet.


Accelerate Collaboration and Efficiency for Small-to-medium Sized Businesses With SharePoint

Small-to-medium sized businesses with remote teams or employees that work across multiple locations can take advantage of SharePoint’s collaborative nature to work from anywhere, anytime, together. Many organizations that use tools like Office 365 don’t realize that SharePoint is part of their subscription. As a Microsoft Gold and Certified SharePoint Partner, Bulletproof’s goal is to help small-to-medium sized organizations leverage their Microsoft investment by accelerating productivity and collaboration with SharePoint.

Ready to take the guesswork out of SharePoint and get started with a system that’s completely configured for your needs? Learn more in the SharePoint Starter Kit data sheet.


Extract Maximum Value from SharePoint for Your Enterprise

Bulletproof’s SharePoint Max ROI services are dedicated to helping enterprises leverage their Microsoft platform’s full capabilities. Tap into Bulletproof’s wealth of knowledge to uncover features, tools, and tricks that help refine business processes and enable employees to be as effective as possible.

Want to maximize your investment? Get the SharePoint Max ROI data sheet to learn more about how we can help.


Move to the Cloud With the Utmost Confidence

As Microsoft’s very first Canadian partner to migrate a customer’s computing environment to Microsoft Azure, Bulletproof has the proven experience to ensure your applications are ready for the cloud.

Download the Cloud Readiness Data Sheet to learn how Bulletproof helps organizations of all sizes move to the cloud efficiently and securely.


Rest Assured That Your Assets Are Secure in the Cloud

Bulletproof helps organizations of all sizes ensure their Microsoft solutions are in line with security best practices by facilitating a full security health check. We’ll revisit your past migration to ensure up-to-date best practices are in place before doing a full analysis of your system to identify areas that require additional protection.

Gain confidence in your data security by undergoing an Office 365 Security Health Check. Want to know more? Download the data sheet.


Get More Out of Your Microsoft Investment With Bulletproof

If you’re ready to migrate to the cloud, or you’re already working within a Microsoft environment but want to see better ROI—contact us today. By taking advantage of our Microsoft & SharePoint services, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing your cloud solution is secure, dependable, and being used to its full advantage.

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