With Bulletproof 365, You Get…

…turnkey peace of mind and everything you need in one powerful package. It’s a complete managed package for one simple monthly fee, including:

Bulletproof Security

Some clouds are silver-lined. Ours is Kevlar. Like our name suggests, IT security is in our DNA. We integrate monitoring, leading-edge protections, breach detection and response to deliver total security peace of mind—protecting your network, data, assets, and people in the process.

Microsoft 365

Named the most popular enterprise cloud service, Microsoft 365 offers features that enable unrivalled productivity. Gain every tool you need to empower and securely manage a digital workforce, all in a secure Windows 10 operating environment. Bulletproof 365 ensures you get the most out of your Microsoft investment to accelerate your progress.

Unmatched Employee Education

Our e-learning system delivers fundamental training that increases user adoption and empowers employees to get the most out of Microsoft 365. Meanwhile, we bundle top technology with Security Aware training to transform your people from vulnerable cybercrime targets to your organization’s greatest defenders.

24x7 IT Helpdesk Support

We’re always on and at the ready to lend a helping hand. Free up your existing in-house IT staff—or for small businesses, gain an affordable alternative to in-house IT people—with 24×7 helpdesk support that resolves over 80% of support calls during the first call.