Managed IT Services

Scale Your Business With Managed IT Services

Engage a team of highly-trained IT specialists, precisely when and how you need them, without the overhead. Bulletproof’s Managed IT Services provide a flexible, cost-effective solution to outsourcing certain IT functions. By equipping you with expert resources that work as an extension of your company, we enable you to focus on what’s most important to your organization.

Like an all-purpose knife for IT, our Managed IT Services are agile and comprehensive. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to contribute to everything from large-scale strategic projects to reliably overseeing your software or equipment on an ongoing basis.

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Optimize Your Technology and Resources With Expert IT Management

Hiring a dedicated staff of IT specialists just isn’t viable if you’re running a small business, and for larger organizations, it can be costly to employ a team that’s comprised of experts in every area. If your organization already has a dedicated IT department, Bulletproof becomes your extended staff of specialists who are constantly working to monitor and manage your complex IT environment or free your expert staff from more administrative tasks. Scaling your team with Bulletproof enables you to optimize your resources, empowering your team to dedicate their time to what they do best.

Plenty of businesses employ IT generalists, but today’s complex and ever-evolving systems require dedicated specialists who are well-versed in every area of your IT environment. Bulletproof’s team possesses an in-depth range of IT capabilities to ensure there are no gaps or holes in your processes.

Tap Into a Team of Experienced Specialists

When you partner with Bulletproof, you’re tapping into a team of highly-skilled experts with decades of experience in IT management and security. Businesses save time and money—not to mention headaches—by engaging us to oversee and operate their IT environments with state-of-the-art tools and refined processes. What’s more, we’ll always look for ways to optimize your operations for top performance and security.

Our goal is to help you achieve more in cost-effective ways, which is why we work together to determine which types of IT services are essential to your business. As any operational changes take place, we’ll work with you to ensure we’re providing everything you need from your specialized IT department.

“This team of high-class experts cover just about any topic in IT that you need help with and are ready to jump in with both feet to respond to your needs. This is a team that goes the extra mile to make things right and to help the customer understand what is at stake.”

-Jeff Melvin, Information Technology Manager,
Advance Savings Credit Union

Drive Productivity by Migrating to the Cloud

For enterprises who want to increase productivity, simplify IT management, and enable better collaboration and communication, Microsoft has effective cloud solutions that can do it all and more.

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 raise the bar when it comes to efficiency. With over 100,000 (and always growing) successful migrations to Office 365—and as the first data center provider to facilitate an entire Microsoft Azure migration in Canada—Bulletproof has the experience and expertise you need to seamlessly and securely move your computing environment to the cloud.

Want to work with a certified Microsoft Gold Partner to increase productivity? Learn more about our Microsoft & SharePoint Services.

Focus on Your Core Business by Outsourcing Private Cloud Management

Does your enterprise use a private cloud hosting solution? Bulletproof alleviates the pressure to maintain and update your data centers with comprehensive IT management services.

From managing your servers to performing critical backups, Bulletproof takes private cloud management off of your plate—allowing you to focus your time and energy on the core initiatives that enable your business to grow. We leverage our 17+ years of experience in IT security and management to support thousands of organizations from all across the globe in optimizing their resources and more effectively governing their private cloud solutions.

Implement a 24/7 Service Desk With Help From Bulletproof

If your business offers a product or service that requires technical support, a 24/7 service desk is key to supporting your customers and increasing customer satisfaction. For organizations who just don’t have the resources to offer this level of service in-house—but need to be available around the clock—Bulletproof provides full service, 24/7 user support.

Bulletproof’s team of professionals act as the first point of contact for your customers, fielding any technical questions or coordinating with the appropriate people to ensure we’re effectively resolving all problems. What’s more, our experts resolve 80% of service desk calls without needing escalation and we consistently score over 90 on the Net Promoter Scale. Our team’s proven technical and customer service skills ensure that your service desk is solving problems and running smoothly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Stay on the Cutting Edge With Network, Server, and Device Monitoring

Tap into Bulletproof’s team of highly-skilled experts to ensure your networks, servers, and devices are diligently monitored around the clock. We help organizations maintain high performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with our monitoring package, including core monitoring services, alarm network configuration management, and reporting.  

We know your business is always evolving, so we strive to provide the most flexible monitoring and management services available. Bulletproof works with you to ensure your package is completely tailored to your needs. We also house and analyze your historical data, enabling more methodical and efficient services.

Our device management services have helped thousands of organizations accelerate their operations with checklist-driven methodology. We enable daily health checks and up-to-date patching—and you always have quick access to our team of experts when you need them.  

Be Proactive and Protect Your Business With Disaster Recovery Services

You may have expert IT management in place, but there’s no way to guarantee everything will function flawlessly 100% of the time. Hardware and software fails are unpredictable, unforeseeable forces of nature can disturb your technology, and face it, humans have been known to make mistakes. Modern organizations need to be available and responsive to their customers 24/7. Bulletproof ensures you’re always at the ready to react to any unanticipated disruptions.

Our experienced team of experts have seen every sort of scenario and know what it takes to be proactive about protecting your data. Bulletproof ensures your data is properly backed up, retained, archived, protected, and always available for you when you need it. We also enable remote VPN access. Your data is always safe with us, and we’ll work with you to ensure you’re able to easily bounce back if your technology fails.

Want to protect your organization with a proactive recovery strategy? Download our Disaster Recovery Workshop data sheet to get started. 


Trust Bulletproof As Your Dedicated Team of IT Specialists

You need more flexibility and more cost-efficiency from IT, but you also need the span of knowledge and skills that can only come from years of experience. Bulletproof’s Managed IT Services are designed to help you balance the two. To discover how Bulletproof can become a critical extension of your team, contact us today.

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