IT Procurement

Optimize Your Processes with Strategic IT Procurement

With technology at the core of your business processes, you need a team of IT experts who can help you choose the best products to meet your needs. Bulletproof’s IT Procurement Services are designed to provide you with not only the most effective software and hardware for your business, but the most effective procurement processes to help you save time and money.

Working With World-Class Partners to Bring You The Best Products for Your Business

Over the years, Bulletproof has developed strategic partnerships with some of the most reputable technology providers in the business. With global partners like Dell, Microsoft, Veeam, Cisco, VMWare, and Fortinet, we provide our clients with high quality, top rated products to refine their processes, accelerate productivity, and keep their operations running as smoothly as possible.

Our strategic procurement services go well beyond just ordering your equipment—we take a consultative approach to help you determine exactly what you need to build a seamless IT environment. Our IT Consulting Services ensure everything you purchase is necessary and contribute to gains in productivity and security. Learn more about Bulletproof’s full range of services that can help save you time and money in The Bulletproof Capabilities Guide.

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Headache Free & Cost-Effective E-Procurement Processes

IT Procurement has its unique challenges, especially in highly regulated industries. Bulletproof’s E-Procurement process is designed to be user-friendly, accessible, and provide you with full visibility into your purchases so you’ll never be stuck with with unanswered questions about your orders.

Bulletproof provides clients with a highly secure website where they can order their hardware and software solutions online. This website enables each user to track their individual orders and shipments and view purchase history from their own customized portal. With this kind of visibility and accountability, teams can better adhere to—and enforce—consistent IT standards across their organizations.

Let Us Do Your Heavy Lifting

Our IT procurement services don’t stop at product selection and ordering—we can also be onsite to help with logistics, storage, and general inventory and organization.

When we say we’ll do your heavy lifting, we mean it. Bulletproof can supply a team to help you move any large quantity of IT equipment you’ve ordered through us. Our expert logistics team can help you overcome storage space challenges by offering warehousing and inventory management solutions. We’ll also provide asset tagging for your inventory before it even arrives to you, ensuring maximum organization and better control once it’s onsite.

Get More Out of Your Technology With Better Lifecycle Management and Flexible Financing

Technology powers your business processes, which means it’s paramount to have equipment and programs that exceed industry standards and are built to last. Bulletproof offers superior warranty support, competitive upgrades, and trade-in allowance, helping you get the absolute most out of your current investments.

We also understand that while quality technology is critical to keeping businesses running, different organizations have different financial realities. We constantly collaborate with our global partners to offer highly flexible financing and leasing solutions—and we work with you to ensure that every purchase you make is a necessary and valuable component of your operations.

Our goal is to help you get the most for your money while purchasing the best technology for your business needs. If you’re ready to refine your IT procurement processes to increase productivity and save time and money, contact us today.

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