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Your organization runs on technology. Is your IT infrastructure designed to help you do your best work? Reduce operational headaches and unlock competitive advantages for your organization by tapping into IT consulting. A partner of the world’s top technology brands with industry-standard certification, Bulletproof provides unbiased, expert analysis on your organization’s IT and practical insight into how to optimize your resources.

Our depth of IT expertise means we can offer specialized advice on a range of topics. To discover how we can put this to work for you, get your copy of the Bulletproof Capabilities Guide.

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Build a Solid Foundation with IT Infrastructure Consulting

Cliche but true: the strength of any entity lies in its foundation. Your organization’s IT foundation is no different. Our infrastructure consultants work with you to uncover your organization’s unique requirements and develop a strategy that sets you up to be competitive, agile, and responsive. Completely customized to you, your IT environment can help you accomplish core objectives, including:

  • Managing and protecting your data with scalable storage solutions
  • Decreasing time-to-market and reducing operating costs with our desktop and data center virtualization services
  • Preparing for audit by demonstrating compliance and effective control measures
  • Helping you protect it all with a complete Disaster Recovery Solution

…and much more. Ultimately, we deliver a scalable, future-proof IT infrastructure that you can build a better business on.

Deliver Projects Seamlessly with IT Project Management Consulting

Gartner reports that nearly 75% of IT projects fail. Bulletproof is committed to ensuring your project doesn’t become another statistic. Our Solutions Delivery team specializes in portfolio, program and project management consulting to help you optimize your resources, save money, and keep your operations running smoothly. This includes:

Mitigate Risk with Cybersecurity Consulting

With the growing cyber-crime landscape, threats to private and intellectual property, and the ever-increasing fallout associated with security incidents, it’s critical to have the strategy and technology in place to protect your organization. Bulletproof’s Cybersecurity Consulting practice gives you peace of mind, empowering you to address uncertainty, mitigate risk, and act with integrity. Our market-leading services include quality management solutions, global regulatory intelligence, IT process improvement, enhance due diligence, compliance management, internal audit, risk management, and more.

Learn more about how to mitigate risk with IT security services.

Increase Productivity with Microsoft & Sharepoint Consulting

Bulletproof helps you maximize the way you use Microsoft platforms to increase your organization’s collaboration and security. Leveraging our extensive experience and Microsoft certifications, we develop strategies for seamlessly upgrading your infrastructure or squeezing even more value out of your current investments.

We’re behind 100,000 (and counting) successful migrations to Office 365, helping you realize the benefits of cloud-based solutions like data control, security, and adaptability to different devices.

With a goal of enabling your teams to work better together, we’re expert SharePoint consultants who are adept at identifying areas where SharePoint can increase efficiency and refine your processes. We tailor your platform to create a perfect fit using modules and features that boost productivity. Let us design a fool-proof implementation and adoption process so you can start realizing better collaboration immediately.

Discover more about our Microsoft & Sharepoint consulting.

Your Technology Can Do More with Bulletproof’s IT Consulting

It’s time to make your technology serve you better. With a track record of thousands of successful projects, we follow proven ITIL methodologies to ensure your solution’s planning, design, and implementation go off without a hitch to produce better results. Let’s work together to fine tune your IT—contact us now to get started.

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