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This two-day course will introduce you to TFS’ foundational capabilities so that you can plan, track, and manage work while ensuring high-quality code in your next project.

Length Days: 2 | Length Hours: 16

Target Audience

This course is intended for members of a development team that uses Visual Studio. Attendees should be comfortable using a current version of Windows and be able to read and understand C# code.

Course Objectives

At course completion, attendees will have had exposure to:

· Visual Studio editions and features

· Comparing TFS and Visual Studio Team Services

· Planning and creating team projects

· Selecting an appropriate process template

· Managing team projects using Team Explorer

· Configuring a team project for their team’s needs

· Creating, querying, and managing work items

· Using the browser-based web portal

· Using the Agile planning tools

· Configuring alerts and notifications

· Using Microsoft Office as TFS client

· Creating work item charts and reports

· Installing an extension from the Marketplace

· Using Team Foundation Version Control

· Configuring a workspace

· Basic and advanced version control scenarios

· Associating a work item during check-in

· When, why, and how to branch code

· Using the MSSCCI provider from other, legacy IDEs

· Creating and running C# unit tests

· Calculating and using code coverage

· Using Visual Studio to perform a code review

· Using Code Metrics, Code Analysis, & Code Clone Analysis to identify and manage technical debt

· Automating the building process

· Automating the testing process

Course Outline

1 – Team Projects

· Visual Studio editions and ALM features

· Team projects and team project collections

· Configure security, team, areas, and iterations

· Plan, rename, and delete team projects

· Manage using Team Explorer and the web portal

2 – Work Items and Queries

· Create, link, query, and manage work items

· Chart, tag, and report work items

· Configure alerts and notifications

· Use web portal, MS Excel, and MS Project

3 – Planning and Tracking Work

· Create and manage a product backlog

· Plan and track work during a sprint

· Use Agile backlog and Kanban board

· Execute and track work using the task board

4 – Version Control

· Setup and use TFS version control system

· Basic and advanced workflows

· Associate a work item during check-in

· Create labels and shelvesets

· Branch and merge code effectively

5 – Ensuring Code Quality

· Create, run, and refactor C# unit tests

· Calculate Code Coverage

· Use Code Metrics and Code/Code Clone Analysis

· Conduct a Code Review


6 – Automating the Build Process

· Overview of the build system

· Create and queue a build

· Monitor and manage the build process

· Automate testing and other code quality checks

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