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Accomplishing the Results You Want

In this course, students will learn how to strengthen your leadership voice and foster employee buy-in to exceed expectations and achieve the most positive outcome.

Target Audience

Executives, managers, and other professionals responsible for teams with results-driven goals.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will know how to:
– Develop a leadership style that gets results
– Employ suitable motivation techniques for your team
– Adapt your communication style and use influence skills to drive direction
– Empower your team to get the results you want

Course Outline

1 – Leadership Style Guide

Exploring the 6 Leadership Styles

2 – Motivation

Understanding Varying Needs
Framing Motivators and Dis-satisfiers

3 – Communication

Applying Various Communication Styles
Comparing the 4 Style Traits
Adapting to Differing Communication

4 – Strategy and Results

Using Strategic Drivers
Linking Strategy to Operations
Relating Strategy to Results

5 – Building a Better Team

Driving Team Performance
Developing Trust and Respect

6 – Influence Skills

Differentiating between Ethical and Unethical Influence
Developing Your Communication and reasoning Skills

7 – Negotiation – Getting to Yes

Understanding the Phases of Negotiation
Developing Principal Negotiation Skills
Planning Negotiation
Dealing with Tough Questions
Getting to a Mutually Beneficial Solution

8 – Enabling Others to Act

Empowering Others
Managing the Workload
Delegating to Workgroups and Teams
Avoiding Wasted Time and Energy
Following-Up to Ensure Success

9 – Putting it All Together

Assembling the Pieces to Achieve the Whole
Applying Skills to get Results

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