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This course explains everything you need to know about customizing and configuring the Dynamics CRM 2016 system in accordance with a company’s specific requirements. 

Length Days: 3 | Length Hours: 24 

Target Audience 

Learners receive comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics exam preparation, becoming familiarized with the Dynamics CRM customization and configuration tools. Aspirants also learn to leverage the platform tools to create custom objects, automate tasks, modify user interface, and perform other such customizations. 

Course Objectives 

Course Outline 

1 – Introduction to Customization and Configuring Dynamics CRM 

 2 – Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Subscriptions 

3 – CRM Security Model 

4 – Introduction to Solutions 

5 – Entity and Field Customization 

6 – Additional Field Customization 

7 – Configure mobile devices 

8 – Customizing Forms 

9 – Business Rules 

10 – Views and Visualizations 

11 – Introduction to Processes 

12 – Business Process Flows 

13 – Bringing it all Together 

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