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This course covers the services and features in SharePoint that offer support for Business Intelligence scenarios.

Length Days: 3 | Length Hours: 24

Target Audience

This course is intended for information workers and business intelligence analysists who have a minimum of three months experience using SharePoint sites, lists, and libraries and have basic Web navigation skills.

Course Objectives

· Learn to configure SharePoint sites for business intelligence

· Learn to configure and use SharePoint Excel Services

· Learn to configure and use SharePoint Visio Services

· Learn to configure and use the PowerPivot add-on for SharePoint

· Learn to configure and use Power View in SharePoint

· Lean to configure and use the PowerPivot add-on for SharePoint

· Learn to configure and use the Reporting Services add-on for SharePoint

· Learn to configure and use PerformancePoint in SharePoint

· Learn the basics of Power BI and how it fits with SharePoint

Course Outline

1 – Overview of SharePoint Business Intelligence Services and Features

· SharePoint BI Services

· SharePoint BI Features

2 – Configuring SharePoint Sites for Business Intelligence

· SharePoint Business Intelligence Site Template

· Configuring an Existing SharePoint Team Site for Business Intelligence

· Lab 1: Configuring SharePoint Team Site for Business Intelligence

3 – Excel Services in SharePoint

· Viewing Excel Spreadsheets with SharePoint Excel Services

· Using SharePoint Excel Services Web Part

· Basic Excel Services Farm Configuration Options

· Refreshing Data Sources with SharePoint Excel Services

· Lab 1: Configuring Excel Services Farm Options

· Lab 2: Refreshing Data with Excel Services

4 – Visio Services in SharePoint

· Configuring Visio Services Farm Settings

· View Visio Drawings with SharePoint Visio Services

· Attaching Data to Visio Drawings

· Lab 1: Using SharePoint Visio Services

5 – SharePoint PowerPivot Add-on

· Overview of PowerPivot Data Models

· Configuring PowerPivot Farm Settings

· Creating a PowerPivot Gallery

· PowerPivot Data Refresh Options

· Lab 1: Configuring PowerPivot for SharePoint

· Lab 2: Refreshing Data from a PowerPivot Gallery

6 – SharePoint Power View Feature

· Overview of Power View in SharePoint

· Configuring Data Sources for Power View Reports

· Creating Power View Reports

· Lab 1: Creating a Report with Power View

7 – SQL Reporting Services Add-on for SharePoint

· Configuring Reporting Services Farm Settings

· Configuring a SharePoint Library for Reporting Services Reports

· Reporting Services Subscriptions and Alerts

· Report Viewer Web Part

· Lab 1: Adding Reporting Services Reports to a SharePoint Library

· Lab 2: Configuring Subscriptions and Alerts to Reports

8 – SharePoint PerformancePoint Services

· Overview of PerformancePoint Services

· Configuring SharePoint Lists and Libraries for PerformancePoint

· Creating a Data Source

· Creating a Score Card and KPI

· Creating PerformancePoint Charts and Graphs

· Creating PerformancePoint Dashboards

· Lab 1: Configuring a SharePoint Site for PerformancePoint

· Lab 2: Create a PerformancePoint Dashboard

9 – Power BI

· Overview of Power BI

· How Power BI fits with SharePoint

· Lab 1: Working with Power BI

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