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This covers a range of components, including Azure Compute, Azure Storage, and network services that customers can benefit from when deploying hybrid solutions. 

Length Days: 3 | Length Hours: 24 

Target Audience 

This course is intended for IT professionals and development operations (DevOps) professionals who are well versed in on-premises technologies and who have some knowledge of cloud technologies but want to learn more about integrating their on-premises environments with Azure. These professionals should have at least three years of experience working in their respective fields—typically, in the areas of on-premises system administration or network administration, in addition to DevOps support. These IT professionals have broadly applicable administration and operational skills, and they generally work for both enterprise-level organizations and small and medium business environments. 

Course Objectives 

After completing this course, students will be able to: 


Course Outline 

1 – Introduction to Microsoft Azure 

2 – Integrating with Azure Compute services 

3 – Integrating with Microsoft Azure virtual networks 

4 – Integrating with Azure Storage and data services 

5 – Designing and implementing Azure Site Recovery solutions 

6 – Designing and implementing cross-premises applications 

7 – Integrating operations and application monitoring and management 

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