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CAA is one of the oldest and largest consumer based organizations in Canada whose mandate is to be a member advocate for consumer issues, safety, infrastructure, and the environment. The organization is comprised of nine clubs across the country who have a history of collaborating with each other and the national office on service delivery. CAA Atlantic and Bulletproof have enjoyed a long history of delivering on successful projects that make a real impact to the business. A key focus for these projects has been enhancing access to business applications and technology for Member Service Counsellors. The aim has been to enable Counsellors to excel in service delivery, providing a smooth and consistent customer experience for CAA Atlantic’s 250,000 members.

Our Role:

  • Project Management
  • System Architect
  • Development
  • Performance Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security Monitoring

As part of a wider group of clubs across Canada supported by the National office programs, there has always been a need to support many B2B connections. Programs and services are hosted on a variety of web, cloud and on premise platforms, some managed at the national level, others delivered by third party service organizations. An ever growing challenge faced by CAA Atlantic Counsellors was the need to juggle many system credentials across hosted databases, travel booking sites, and emergency roadside assistance dispatch platforms for example. Continuing to pile on new user names and passwords was not a sustainable approach and had reached the breaking point. Using the Microsoft SharePoint Intranet built by Bulletproof and already relied on by Member Counsellors and integrating Centrify single-sign on, Bulletproof was able to seamlessly and securely enable access to all external services using a single ID.


Now Member Counsellors can access services based on their workstation login by going through the SharePoint Intranet which has been enhanced with Centrify single sign on technology. As new services and B2B connections are added, the passwords are captured by the system once and then securely stored and updated only when needed. Credentials are passed through seamlessly to the end application service or website allowing Member Counsellors to more effectively focus on the client need rather than the technology challenges.

This project has greatly enhanced the supportability of the access for CAA Atlantic IT as well, if you imagine the original need was to help juggle a multitude of credentials for 70+ individual Member Counsellors, there used to be a lot of password related issues to resolve on a regular basis. CAA Atlantic IT now has more time to focus on new business solutions, a win- win for everyone.

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