Cisco Voip
$4 Million ROI

With over 2000 staff and faculty spread across Fredericton and Saint John campuses, UNB was facing escalating costs associated with telecommunications and a lack of integration capability between older telecommunications equipment and new collaboration tools. The time was right to identify and select a new and modern set of unified communication and collaboration tools. After an extensive vetting process, Bulletproof’s Cisco and Microsoft based approach was selected as the best design that leveraged existing UNB’s existing investment in messaging and network infrastructure. While most proponents were specialized in Voice over IP and adopted a rip and replace approach, Bulletproof attacked the problem from the perspective of reusability coupled with integration with Microsoft collaboration and messaging tools.

Our Role:

  • Project Management
  • System Architect
  • Development
  • Performance Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security Monitoring