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Bulletproof Is Excited To Announce Microsoft Office 365

Bulletproof IT Solutions for Atlantic Canada

We want to be your IT department.

Bulletproof Solutions was founded on the principle that the technology you depend on for your business functions should be reliable, secure, efficient and durable. Bulletproof.

Is technology getting in your way, or helping you? Modern technology can enable your business to do some amazing things, but deployed without proper strategy and planning, it can also bring your business to a screeching halt.

As a full-service IT provider, we can deliver whatever level of planning, support or equipment you need to get the maximum benefit from your tech budgets. We stand behind our work, and our customers love us for our dedication.

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Video Message from CEO, Steven Burns
Information Technology Services

Most of our customers contract with us for one or more of the following services.

Network and Security Consulting Security threats come in all shapes and sizes, from malicious hackers and viruses to fire protection and physical theft deterrence. Are you covered?

Information Technology Outsourcing In essence, Bulletproof can BECOME your IT Department. We can design, install, and maintain your IT infrastructure. And, we'll be here 24/7 when you need us.

Custom Software Are all of your systems talking to each other? We have talented programmers who can bridge the gaps in your data communications.

Unified Communications (or VOIP) Not just routing phone calls over network cables, UC can enable some very cool functionality to your voice, email and data sharing capabilities. Very cool indeed.

Product Fulfillment One-stop shopping. Not only can we design and assemble your IT system, we also carry all of the equipment and parts necessary to build it and maintain it. Routers, switches, gizmos, gadgets, we've got you covered. We even carry PCs and Laptops.

Technical Training From Microsoft Certified Courses to "one on one" mentoring, our Education Services Division offers our clients a full suite of training and education solutions.

As a Bulletproof customer, you'll never be out-of-date or off-the-grid. We promise.

Customer Testimonials

After years of daily problems and headaches, BSI took over the management of our IT system. We now enjoy a reliable worry free system with an experienced help line, improved security, better remote access and dependability and overall increased productivity.
Richard Leblanc, Executive Director
Enterprise Network

It is highly unusual in today's business environment to work with such a dedicated team of systems professionals. Bulletproof's willingness to frequently work overnight with us during numerous systems security testing sessions is testament to their commitment to us the last seven years.
Barry D O'Donnell, President & CEO
Connect North America

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We hire only qualified, responsible, expert technicians. The kind of people that most businesses in Atlantic Canada can't afford to keep around. We encounter a lot of problems from businesses who have been relying on an employee who was put in an IT role because he or she "knows computers and stuff." Those type of situations are not good for your business, and they are certainly not good for the poor employee who is now blamed for all of your technological problems. Besides, that person still needs a holiday now and again. Bulletproof is here 24/7/365. When you're ready to talk, let's get in touch. Our technicians have saved the day for more than one company. We've restored network operations following fires. We've designed systems to help law enforcement keep drunk drivers and criminals off the roads. We've saved thousands of farmed salmon from premature death during super-freezing conditions.

While the label "super-hero" might be a bit much, it's how we see ourselves. We hope it's how our customers think of us when they need to call us for any crisis, big or small. When you need an IT hero, just give us a call.
Network and Security

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Custom Software
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Unified Communications

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IP Video Surveillance
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Services Training Schedule

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New Brunswick Information Technology Council (Conseil des Technologies d'Information du Nouveau-Brunswick)
IT Council Founding Board Member - Cisco Partner Summit 2010 Award Winner

Case Studies

Company Name: Anyware Group

Anyware Group needed to provide their customers with an assurance that their ROAM remote access portal and medical access portals are secure.

Resulting situation:
As part of their ongoing security and application improvement program Anyware Group knew that they needed to have a third party company perform a full assessment of their product and services. Bulletproof's

Bulletproof has performed annual security assessments of the ROAM group of portal services for 4 years running. Testing includes full external penetration testing and vulnerability assessment of software and hosting systems. Read more...

We've focused on building a company that can offer Atlantic Canada and the Maritimes the type of world-class IT service professionals that would otherwise only be available to the very largest enterprises. We're here when you need us. Read more...

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