Innovation Through Collaboration

Bulletproof is a premiere technology company founded in Atlantic Canada in 2000.

Our organization began as an IT company that worked initially with small to medium businesses with a focus on security and networking.

We built our reputation as experts in these and other areas based on our advanced technical knowledge, certifications and the complex problems we solve for our clients.

We protect our clients from our Advanced Security Operations Center 24-hours a day, we provide extensive Infrastructure Services including implementations and best-in-class technology offerings, our commitment to our Microsoft Practice elevates productivity and collaboration capabilities, and our Learning Solutions allow us to enhance the knowledge and skill sets of all our clients.

At Bulletproof we are committed to our customers, our team and our community.


Operations Center

With a 16 year history, advanced detection and correlation tools all coupled to leading industry skill sets, Bulletproof will deliver you an effective incident response capability to combat and mitigate the ever increasing cyber-attack threat.


Diverse Range of Services
Single Focus

Peace of Mind

Hackers want inside your organization. Count on our Advanced Enterprise and Security Operation Center to keep you safe and your data secure.

Productivity and Collaboration

You need the best tools to create, manage and share your documents with your team and customers. Learn more about how are Microsoft Practice can help you.

IT Solutions

Focus on your business and we will take care of your technology. Look to our IT and infrastructure solutions to develop an IT environment that enables you to do your best work.

Learning Solutions

We are training experts and can help you identify areas where you can improve your business and develop a training program to lead you to excellence.

Quality Assurance & Professional Services

We are in the business of reducing risk, offering protection through three distinct practices: Quality Assurance, Systems Modernization, and Governance, Risk and Compliance.


Atlantic Roots

Jan 19, 2017

“Bulletproof is a leading office 365 deployment partner in Atlantic Canada. The Microsoft team always rests easy when Bulletproof is responsible”

-Alex Cyr, Partner Sales Excecutive
Microsoft Canada


Partnering with the Industry Elite

Our team of experts look forward to bringing their knowledge and experience to you.

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